Come to Mozhdeh Professional Alterations and sewing to get started  

       on Simple process : 

              1. You choose the style, fabric, pattern and details .

              2. Your measurements are taken and applied to the pattern

              3. The dress is ready for final fitting and adjustment

      Mozhdeh offers expert alteration on your wedding dress and other alteration.

         we have many alteration customers that bring in their hems , alteration and

         repairs . we are experts in fitting and altering men's and women's clothing.

         we also do custom  dressmaking and tailoring.   

Our Latest Works


    The fashion industry is a product of the age. Prior to the mid-19th century,

Most clothing was Custom Made handmade for individuals, either as home

production or on order from dressmakers and tailors.Fashion designer

attempt to design clothes which are functional,they must consider who is  

likely to wear a garment.some clothes are made specifically for an  

individual. If you are the special person let me make you special clothes. 


ALTERATION PRICE LIST: Most common alterations cost can be vary greatly,

depending on difficulty of service .

      Shorten sleeves on a dress shirt: $ 29.

      Shorten sleeves on a jacket: $ 33. (without buttons), $38. (with buttons)

      Take in the body of jacket: $40. (two seams) $ 52. (three seams).

      Take in a dress shirt: $ 30.

      Adjust the shoulders of jacket: $ 35. 

      Hem a skirt or a dress : $24.50.

      Hem a pair of jeans or pants: $ 25.

      Take in a sheath dress : $35.